autumn/winter 2009/10 collection - broken aura.

Coverings hold the ability to carry the invisible and immaterial aura on the surface, compensating for its shapelessness. Skin, in its essence, is given an important role in this context. It is the lastfine layer between the ego and the world, the "outer". Silicone acts as another skin layer, a visible aura, able to extend beyond the body and impose on the immediate environment. Silicone is given a new meaning and purpose through this dynamic ability. Using multiple methods of application, Ella is able to concurrently display sharp splinters of crystaline matter, standing ajar from the body, with the delicate sensitivity of fluidic make-up, which mimics the body's natural form.

Heavily influenced by body modification, this collection also attempts to replicate various techniques, such as scarring and implantation, to undermine the cosmetic effect of fashion. The result appears as fleshy scar-jewellery, set into the surface of the textile forms. Destruction is used as another form of compensation, that of the artificially created order, evoking chaos. The 'glamour surface', created and manipulated by man, is disturbed and destroyed. Burnt out fabrics relay the delicacy of humanness by exposing its figure. As an essential idea, this collection examines the female body and its function as a "living accessory". It is a projection screen for signs, images and statements. The body must speak to connect itself to the mind and soul. Exposure facilitates these functions.

At its crux, this collection defines human interaction with the World, building infinite layers of protection, guardian architectures, that allow us to indemnify our exposed fragilities.

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